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Salads & Soups

1. Thai Salad
Fresh romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber and sliced boiled egg
and bean sprout served with homemade Peanut dressing

2. Yumyan Salad
Sliced boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, chicken and shrimp with sweet
and sour peanut dressing on the bed of crisp romaine

3. Shrimp Salad pepperpepperpepper
Grilled shrimp spiced with lemon grass, kiffir lime leaves, with spicy
Thai dressing served on the bed of crisp romaine

4. Squid Salad pepperpepper
Steam squid well seasoned with spicy lime sauce
and onions over crisp romaine lettuce

5. Spicy Beef or Chicken Salad pepperpepperpepper
marinated strips of flank steak or chicken breast char-grilled, cucumber, tomatoes,
red onions spiced with lime juice, fish sauce, chilies over romaine lettuce

6. Spicy Papaya Salad pepperpepper
Shredded green papaya, green beans, tomatoes well mixed with fresh garlic,
fish sauce, lime juice. and fresh chilies served with beef jerky and sticky rice

1. Spicy Coconut soup with chicken or tofu pepper 
Cup $2.95 or Volcano Pot $7.50

2. Spicy Coconut soup with shrimp pepper
Cup $3.50 or Volcano Pot 8.50

3. Spicy Hot and Sour with shrimp pepper
Cup $3.50 or Volcano Pot 8.50

4. Spicy Seafood soup pepper
Volcano Pot $9.95

5. Wonton soup
(shrimp and chicken stuffed wonton)
Volcano Pot $7.50

6. Silver Noodle soup
(silver noodle with ground chicken and shrimp, napa, scallions)
Volcano Pot $7.50

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